TOP 50 Virtual Gifts For Internet Friends In 2023

In web3 world virtual friendships are becoming increasingly common. If you have an internet friend who shows that they care about you by sending virtual gifts or if you are that friend, read on for some ideas on what those gifts might be and why they mean so much more than just a material item they can buy at the store. 

What are Internet friends?

What do you get when you combine the convenience of online communication with the natural human desire to feel connected with others? Internet friends!

Internet friendships are relationships that develop online and usually revolve around common interests, hobbies, or activities. They are not usually based on personal details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Internet friendships can be very rewarding and fulfilling. They offer a great way to meet new people who share your interests and expand your circle of friends without having to leave your house!

Where is the best place to find digital friends?

Even in this digital age, making friends can sometimes be hard. Many of us are either too shy to meet new people or don’t know the right places to look for potential buddies. Luckily, a web3 world offers opportunities for socializing in a new way. For example, on Discord, you can find people from all over the world who are interested in the same things as you are. Strong and active communities provide a space for passion-driven people to come together and discuss different topics, learn, grow and create the future. 

At the Not A Boring Gift, we celebrate new and good old friendships with a love language of crypto gifting. Join our community on Twitter and let’s become virtual friends!

TOP 50 online gifts for your online buddy

Virtual gifts will be a huge trend in 2023. People, to show appreciation, will give virtual items and tokens to their internet or real-life friends. It has been predicted that people will start giving up on physical gifts and instead focus on the digital because they are easier to share and they don’t require storage space. 

Virtual Gifts For Birthdays

Birthdays are the best excuse to give your friend a gift. A birthday gift doesn’t have to be expensive or even something tangible. You can use this special day to let the person know how special they are to you. 

1. A digital art AKA an NFT  

If you are looking for a small gesture for your friend’s bday, an NFT is a perfect option for you! It’s like a postcard, only digital! On top of that, you gift a digital asset that has proof of ownership. On Not A Boring Gift you can order an affordable digital good from the website in a super easy way – even if you or the gift receiver never owned a digital asset before!

The platform accepts payment by card, so there’s no need to deal with wallets or keys. You just pay with your credit card and send NFT as a gift via email! Choose from more than 100 different NFT that are perfect for the special birthday day!

2. Subscription to a reading platform

If your friend is an avid reader, try Audible membership or another book service like Scribd. These services give them access to thousands of audiobooks that they can listen to on their commute or at home.

3. Virtual cocktail-making experience
4.. Access to 

What could be better than the world’s best talent at your fingertips?

That’s right: nothing.

The MasterClass all-access subscription is the perfect gift for your internet friend, because it gives them access to the world’s greatest talent in any field they can think of. Whether they want to learn guitar, acting, or conservation from someone who has already done it, they’ll be able to find a class that suits their needs.

And since it’s an all-access subscription, they can take as many classes as they want—and even go back to previous ones!

5. Spotify subscription

Spotify is a popular music streaming service. It’s another great way to discover new music, and it’s available on almost every device you could think of. If your friend loves listening to the tunes on the go, this would be the perfect gift for him or her. The free version of Spotify is pretty decent, but if he prefers quality over quantity (and who wouldn’t?), then upgrading to the paid version will allow your friend access to higher-quality audio files at no extra cost. Plus, there’s a free trial period, so he can try it out before committing!

6. Virtual concert streaming experience

Virtual Graduation Gifts

If you have an internet friend who has recently graduated, they are probably feeling a lot of emotions. They may be feeling happy and excited about the future, but they may also be feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the idea of having to find a job and live on their own. When you give a graduation gift, you can let your friend know that you understand their emotions and that you’re there for them. You can also let your friend know that you’re happy for them and proud of them for what they’ve accomplished.

7. Cryptocurrency gift card

If your internet friend is interested in crypto and you want to gift him or her something different and fun, then Not A Boring Gift has an easy solution. The platform offers the most straightforward way of buying and sending Bitcoin or Ethereum.

With a gift range that fits into that casual gifting price point, it’s also a great choice if your recipient isn’t sure if they want to invest in crypto yet but would like to try it out first before committing to any serious financial commitment.

send cryptocurrencies via email
8. LinkedIn Pro or Learning subscription
9. Coursera classes
10. Airbnb experience

This is the perfect gift if after graduation your internet friend will have to leave their hometown so this is the way to help him see new things in a foreign land, meet new people and make connections along the way. AirBnB is one of the best websites for booking private tours with locals—and it doesn’t cost the Earth (literally). You can pick up a local guide who will take you around their hometown and tell you all about their favorite spots and hidden gems. Often, they’re willing to offer their services at no charge as long as you pay for any transportation costs or food/drink (which isn’t much). And if that wasn’t enough value for money, many tour guides will also give discounts if more than one person joins the tour!

12. Online Face Gym classes

Virtual Christmas Gifts

If you have internet friends you only see once a year at Christmas, then a virtual gift is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday with them. Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive, and you don’t have to purchase something for your friend. You can give your friend a virtual gift that says, “I’m thinking of you this Christmas and I hope you have a great holiday.”

This Christmas you can also receive a FREE NFT gift! You an hold it or you can resend it as a present to anyone you like by using Not A Boring Gift platform. Subscribe to our newsletter and get your NFT gift before Santa comes to town!

13. Online astrology 1on1 chat
14. Streaming service subscription

If your friend is a fan of the latest and greatest in TV, he or she is sure to appreciate a subscription to one of the streaming services.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime…the list goes on and on. With so many options available to stream content through these providers, it’s easy for even the most hard-to-please viewer to find something great! If you’re looking for an additional gift idea for your internet friend this year that doesn’t require as much thought or effort consider getting him an annual subscription to one of these great cable replacements.

15. Tickets to virtual events
16. Donating to charity
17. Virtual museum tour

For a unique gift, you can give your internet friend a virtual museum tour. A virtual museum tour is a digital or online tour of different museums and exhibits, including the Louver in Paris, the Smithsonian National Gallery in Washington DC and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Your friend will be able to experience these amazing places from the comfort of their own home! It’s perfect for those who love art but don’t have time to visit them all.

Virtual museum tours are also great for people who haven’t been able to make it to these locations before because they’re too far away or don’t have enough money for travel expenses yet still want an immersive experience without leaving their hometowns (or even apartments).

18. Virtual trainer

Virtual Friendship Day Gifts

20. Virtual language classes
21. Cameo message

The best Friendship Day gift for your internet friend is a unique, memorable and lasting one. No one wants to give the same old thing that everyone else gives. You want something that will stand out as thoughtful and well-received. Think about your friends interests and hobbies — perhaps they love fashion or animals or sports? Whatever they are, you should be able to find a celebrity who shares those interests that you can get in touch with through Cameo to create a custom video message for your friend.

Cameo has over 40,000 celebrities and entertainment personalities in its network who can deliver personalized messages for less than $150 each — some even offer 24-hour turnaround times! With options like these available at no extra cost (and often at promotional rates), there’s no reason not to use this service when looking for unique birthday gifts for internet friends!

22. Udemy classes

Online courses are an excellent gift for a friend. Udemy has over 130,000 taught by experts from all over the world, so you can gift them with something they will love. Udemy allows you to give specific courses, so you can tailor them to whatever your friend may be interested in. It’s easy to put off taking an online course, so this gift might be just what your friend needs to finally get started!

23. Coffee club subscription
24. Dollar Shave Club

Virtual Halloween Gifts

If you have internet friends who like to celebrate Halloween, a virtual gift is a perfect way to celebrate this spooky holiday. When giving a Halloween gift, you can let your friend know that you’re grateful for their friendship and that you’re willing to make a silly joke or two with them. 

25. Scary video message
26. Online escape room experience

Every friend deserves a great mystery to solve, especially one that can be solved from the comfort of their own home. Your friend can experience an immersive interactive room escape adventure for the first time with Mystery Escape Room’s Online Rooms. In addition to a Nancy Drew-inspired game and a superhero-themed one, the site offers a Sherlock Holmes-style virtual escape room designed specifically for beginners that groups of four to eight people can join for $75 an event.

27. Virtual costume make-up classes 
28. Gift card for candies or cookies
29. Zoom movie night

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a movie night?

Zoom’s Movie Night app offers a curated selection of horror and thriller films, perfect for any occasion—but especially for this one. It’s not just about the movies; it’s about the experience: With Movie Night, you can watch with anyone from your phone or tablet, whether they’re across the street or—if you’re feeling extra adventurous—across the country.

Virtual Gifts For The Internet Friends Who Have Everything

If you have an internet friend who seems to have everything, you can give your buddy a virtual gift that says, “I know you have everything, and I’m grateful that you have such good things in your life. But I’d like to give you something that shows you how much you’re appreciated.” 

30. Monthly food fiesta

For that food lover who has eaten it all, introduce them to the greatest eats found from all over the U.S. Goldbelly 3 month subscription is an option for a Last-Minute holiday gift idea for your boyfriend. Every month, your friend will receive delivery of the country’s most sought-after, handcrafted foods. 

31. Honest audio or video message 

A great way to surprise your internet friend is by recording an honest message or video message. You can tell them how much their friendship means to you, or just share something funny that happened recently. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be personal and heartfelt.

32. Advanced health optimisation app 
33. Support your friend’s cause
34. Amazon gift card

An Amazon Gift Card is a great gift for someone who has everything.

Gift cards are a great present for any occasion, even if it’s not your friend’s birthday! They can be an appropriate gift for the holidays or any other special occasion. You can purchase an Amazon gift card for any amount you desire. Amazon Gift Cards never expire and are redeemable towards millions of items on Amazon, including books, electronics, clothing and much more! 

Virtual Gifts To Help Someone Out

If you have an internet friend who is going through a tough time, a virtual gift that lets them know you’re there for them can make a difference. You don’t have to wait until the friend is feeling better to do something nice for them. You can let your friend know that you’re there for them even before the friend asks for help. A virtual gift can be something that you do for your friend that helps with the situation they’re in. 

35. A virtual friendly conversation

If your friend is having a tough time, you can help by offering a virtual friendly conversation.

When it looks like life is getting to be too much, sometimes the best thing we can do for our friends is to just listen. We are here for you, and we want to help!

36. A subscription to a time management app
37. A talk with a life coach
38. An online subscription to meditation classes

Headspace is a subscription-based meditation service that offers hundreds of guided meditation sessions and mindfulness exercises. The gift of Headspace is perfect for anyone looking to improve their mental health, calm their body and mind, and relieve stress. The subscription option makes it easy to give someone an experience that they will love and use on a regular basis. You can send the gift of Headspace as a one-off or make it recurring so your internet friend can enjoy relaxing every day throughout the year (or longer).

Virtual Presents Just Because

If you have an internet friend who doesn’t have a special occasion to celebrate, a virtual gift just because you can let your friend know that you appreciate them. You can give your friend a virtual gift that shows your friend that you’re thinking of them and wants to do something nice for them. A virtual gift doesn’t have to be something extravagant. It can be something small but meaningful to your friend.

39. Spotify playlist for different moods & occasions
40. Yoga online classes
41. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is the perfect gift for your bookworm internet friend. It’s lightweight, easy to read in direct sunlight, and holds thousands of books in one place.

This is a great present to your friend because it comes with all of these features:

All Your Books on a Single Device

With the Kindle’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, your friend will be able to download new titles instantly so there will always be something new to read when your friend needs it most. Plus there are no long waits between chapters or pages because everything loads up immediately when you click “turn” at the bottom right corner (a feature called “Whispersync”).

42. Gaming gift card

A Playstation gift card is sure to please any internet friend who loves playing on his console or PC. You can purchase the card in increments of $10 up to $100, so it’s easy to find a price range that suits your budget. Your friend can use this gift card at any time he wants! 

​​43. Digital wearables
44. Virtual shopping spree
45. Virtual gym time

Another great gift for your internet friend to show your appreciation is virtual sports classes for platforms such as SuperSprint and Ohmio. These fitness classes are taught by professional coaches and help users improve their fitness level through easy-to-follow instructions and videos.

46. Focus or better brain functioning app subscription
47. Adobe Creative Cloud
48. News subscription
49. Virtual flowers

No matter the occasion, flowers are a timeless way to show your friend that you care. So if you want to arrange for a surprise knock at their door, why not send a bouquet of the best blooms?

Although Bloomsy Box is best known for its subscription boxes, the company also sells bouquets with no required monthly signups. You can choose from a variety of beautiful next-day delivery arrangements priced from $45 to $100.

50. Online courses

If your friend is a skillful person who likes to learn new things, then a Skillshare membership might be the perfect gift for him or her. Skillshare is a platform where you can learn new skills from experts in their field. You can also teach skills that you already know and help others learn what you know!

Your friend can learn anything from languages like Spanish and French to skills like cooking or photography. There are also classes on how to become a professional DJ or make jewelry out of paper! If your friend has an interest in something, there’s probably someone teaching it on Skillshare right now!

Final Thoughts

Virtual gifts are very special when they come from the heart. You can express your feelings in a creative and fun way! They are also available 24/7 so your loved ones will never be left out on important holidays or special occasions.  

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