How to gift an NFT gift?

Hi, stranger. This is an easy step-by-step guide on how to send NFT as a gift to anyone. Let’s go!

What are NFTs?

Simplified, NFTs are one-off, unique pieces of digital art, music, or any kind of collectible. But in our case, Not A Boring Gift introduces exclusive digital works of art, which for now, are probably one of the most creative and eye-catching gifts ever. (Believe us, just mention among your friends that you own an NFT, and everybody will ask to see it and will ask about all related details!)

Can you gift an NFT?

Yes, indeed. As NFT’s market is exploding today, Not A Boring Gift introduces the easiest way to try it out in the market. You won’t need any additional crypto knowledge. Also, you won’t need a digital wallet to buy an NFT. The one thing you’ll need is a credit card.

Gift NFT in 4 simple steps

1. Choose an NFT you prefer on Not A Boring Gift platform.

2. Pay for the NFT with a credit card. No digital wallet is needed here.

3. Personalize your NFT gift with a special message.

4. Choose the date when it needs to be sent.

Within four straightforward steps, you could quickly gather an ideal digital gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or any kind of celebration you want to congratulate your loved ones.


Swipe through the Not A Boring Gift virtual gallery first and choose an NFT that will be the most suitable for the occasion.


Enter all the necessary details for the purchase. Remember that no digital crypto wallets are needed here! Just as during any of your online purchases, you need to enter your:

  • Payment address (your street, city and the post code)
  • Phone number.
  • Card details.

After this — process to the further step.


Make your gift on time and personal. After all, you know better what your loved ones are like. Don’t you? So if the celebration is happening today — send a gift instantly, and if it’s yet to happen, schedule it for later. But, of course, before that, personalize your gift by filling in the name of a lucky one, choosing a message from our list, or writing something on your own.


Finally, check everything for the last time. Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?We bet it is! Look at the present for the last time before she goes to the receiver. If everything seems better than expected — press the SEND button.

How much does it cost to gift an NFT?

And you probably think that it cost a lot? Let us stop you right here. The price of the NFT’s gifts absolutely depends on your budget. Make up your mind about the price you are ready to pay because the actual prices may vary a lot, you can easily find an NFTS that will make you wonder for just under 10 bucks, and if you are thrilled for more, you can quickly get something more unique for less than 50 bucks. And don’t worry, there aren’t any hidden fees. On Not A Boring Gift you can always find an NFT gift that matches your budget!

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Do NFTs Make Good Gifts?

NFTs aren’t simply a nice-to-have thing. Instead, it’s a gift that probably everyone will appreciate.

  • It’s a modern way to surprise art enthusiasts.
  • It’s an exclusive gift to those passionate about technologies and the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • It’s a unique way to surprise ardent trend lovers.

Thoughtful Ways You Can Present Your NFT Gift

Do you need to know anything afterward? Well, basically, the fact that your loved ones who now own an NFT are in the same row with a bunch of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Ellen DeGeneres, Shawn Mendes, and much more who also own an NFTs. And who doesn’t want to be compared with the celebrities, huh?

And if you think this still isn’t enough, think about the variety of ways NFTS could be used. For example:

  • As a physical print. Actually, it’s an excellent opportunity to have both a digital certificate of ownership written in a blockchain and a physical copy of unique artwork.
  • Hold it as an investment asset. One day if it rises in value, you could simply resell it to the crypto enthusiasts or those passionate about the NFT market.
  • Get more familiar with the crypto industry. A first NFT can be a huge stimulus to keep up with the trends, create a digital wallet for keeping NFTs and start investing in cryptocurrencies.

So just grab a chance to get the best digital gift that won’t get dusted and will be valued for eternities. Join Not A Boring Gift community and always be on the edge of innovative gifting ideas!

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